DocRecord TM

All-Inclusive Enterprise Content Management

DocRecord is an all-inclusive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform for automating the processing, storage, and retrieval of documents, content, emails and data.
Simply priced by the concurrent user.

DocRecord desktop and mobile applications
  • Application is All-Inclusive of Key Features
  • Affordably Priced by Concurrent User
  • Extensive & Secure Content Repository
  • Workflow & Business Process Management
  • Document Capture and Line-item Data Extraction
  • Network Folder Migration into DocRecord
  • User Dashboard
  • Personal User Folders
  • Automated Document Creation
  • Automated Document & Data Filing
  • Third-Party API-level Integrations
  • Click Indexing Data Extraction
  • Data Table Architecture
  • User Multiple Access Methods Included
    • Microsoft Outlook Extended Integration
    • Microsoft Office integration
    • Desktop Application
    • Browser-based Web Access
    • Application Extender
    • Quick Indexing
  • Lower costs through automated processing and workflow
  • Instant access to documents and content anywhere, any time
  • Significant improvement in employee and customer response times
  • Documents and content instantly searchable and accessible from both mobile and desktop
  • Automated recognition and filing of documents into correct folders with extracted metadata
  • Automated extraction of data from imported documents
  • Customizable automated workflow processes replace manual document processes
  • Automated accounting, HR, legal and other departmental documents processing
  • Easy data capture and workflow processing with eForms
  • Auto-fill of forms from eForms data capture
  • Access DocRecord data from other line-of-business applications

On-Demand Documents and Content

Organizations need both instant access to and automated workflow of their important documents and records. DocRecord provides these anytime and from nearly any device.

For desktop-centric users, DocRecord provides a Windows-based, desktop application to quickly search and retrieve content, customize intelligent searches, easily utilize workflow, quickly work with eForms, and much more. For Microsoft Office-centric users, DocRecord is fully integrated into Office applications allowing users seamless application integration and use.

For remote users, DocRecord’s browser-based application provides instant document search and retrieval, workflows, and eForm use on any browser-enabled device. DocRecord's Mobile Client allows for PDF annotation and also presents a dashboard of user's data.

Documents stored in DocRecord are also fully accessible to users while utilizing an independent line-of-business (LOB) application such as accounting, ERP, or CRM. This application integration saves access and processing time and makes your organization more efficient and effective.

DocRecord Desktop Client
Prism DocRecord Capture capability

Automated Document Capture, Filing of Documents, and Intelligent Data Extraction

DocRecord provides a powerful and easy-to-use Capture capability that allows documents to be automatically recognized, have data extracted, and filed into its repository. DocRecord’s Capture allows for intelligent and automated line-item data extraction from electronic documents. This allows organizations to eliminate manual keying of critical data into other applications such as accounting and ERP. The extracted data can be automatically compared for a data match to a database and data exceptions can be either approved or corrected by a person reviewing the information.

DocRecord’s Capture also allows for Click Indexing which enables the user to simply “mouse-over” a document’s data field and, with a mouse click, add that value to the set of extracted data.

Workflow for Automated Document & Data Processing

DocRecord’s workflow links people and data into automated processes that are easily created for each organization. These processes provide a wide range of functions.

DocRecord’s workflows are easily created through its intuitive drag-and-drop and graphical interface. Users simply drag the process task icon to the workspace to create as simple or comprehensive automation as required.

With DocRecord’s workflow, users can easily create complex business processes with features including: Approvals, rejection, escalation, conditional tests, and many other actions. It also allows data collected through DocRecord’s eForms to be conditionally processed. And, automatic email and other notifications are easily designed.

Workflow tasks are automatically routed to participants and users are prompted to action within many of DocRecord’s client interfaces such as in Microsoft Outlook, Desktop Client, Web Client and more.

Prism DocRecord workflow designer
DocRecord eForms designer

eForms for Data Collection & Processing

With DocRecord’s eForms capability, organizations can build a wide range of different types of eForms to collect data from mobile and desktop platforms. eForms vary widely by purpose, type, complexity, and display platform. DocRecord provides three different and distinct designer interfaces allowing one to easily build a wide range of different types and complexities of eForms.

DocRecord's eForms features also include:

  • Finger-eSigning of eForms
  • User library
  • Workflow and routing
  • Send data to other applications
  • Automated form completion
  • eForm and data archiving

Smartphone Forms

Smartphone Forms are designed using DocRecord. With Smartphone Forms, your organization can enable electronic Waivers of Liability forms with QR Codes. Easily view the electronic form (eForm) on mobile devices with a simple QR scan. The browser-enabled device will display your eForm to electronically capture acknowledgement of the waiver or form.

Benefits of Smartphone Forms include:

  • Contactless Waivers with QR Codes
  • Safety and convenience for all employees and customers at your organization
  • Capture eSignatures for all key industries
  • Eliminate manual processing and paper-centric forms
 Smartphone Forms with DocRecord

DocRecord Workflow eForms

Document Creation in Workflow

DocRecord can automatically create complex RTF and other personalized documents on-the-fly based on workflow triggers and conditional data received within workflows and eForms. These complex documents can be based upon variable data from multiple databases and conditional tests. Documents can contain calculations, charts and graphs, personalized images and text, concatenation of text blocks, creation of secondary documents, white space control, page-floating, and much more.

Variable-data documents include:

  • Statements
  • Customer notifications
  • Delivery instructions
  • Billings and much more

Network Folder Migration

DocRecord takes over an organization’s network folder system by duplicating and then subsuming all the folders and files in the network folder system. Once ingested into DocRecord, your old network folder system can be made inaccessible. Your new network folder system, within DocRecord, allows for all DocRecord’s features such as advanced security, check-in and check-out, audit trail, versioning, retention policies, and much more.

Third Party Integration

DocRecord has API-level integration with many third-party line-of-business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sage, QuickBooks Enterprise, and others. This integration allows DocRecord to seamlessly function alongside these other applications within DocRecord’s Workflow function.

Integrated Prism Applications

Prism has other applications, in addition to DocRecord, designed to increase document and data processing efficiencies and lower costs within organizations. These applications are directly integrated with DocRecord and provide a seamless user experience.