Prism eForms TM

eForms Enables Automated Electronic Processing of Data & Documents

Substantially improve data and document efficiencies and significantly lower costs
with eForms, automated workflow, and automated document generation

Why Organizations Use Prism eForms

  • Automated data collection and processing
  • Automatic forms creation
  • Automated document workflow
  • eForms packet creation
  • Automatic document generation
  • Proof of delivery of service and goods
  • Continued elimination of paper
eForms Mobile Viewer
Prism eForm Designer

Easily Design Simple to Complex eForms

Prism eForm Designer allows you to easily build eForms that range in complexity and purpose. Using the eForm Designer, you can design and publish an eForm with drop-down fields, eSignatures, and many more.

  • Create simple to complex PDF and HTML forms that are most often used in contracts and other documents requiring notifications and disclosures.
  • Quickly design and use the eForm within minutes. You can deploy an eForm for simple data gathering.
  • Build complex eForms that require conditional fields and workflows.

User Access & Data Entry

Users has multiple ways to access and complete the eForms.

  • eForms library allows administrators to manage all eForms, where gathered data is sent, which eForms and data sets tie into which workflows, and much more.
  • Each eForm can be published to a web page for use by any browser-enabled mobile or desktop device.
  • Public Web Page module allows an organization to make their Prism eForms available to the public, their vendors, or other non-employees. In this case, Prism eForms provides an optional module that enables the publishing of these eForms to the public.
Prism eForms
Prism eForms Workflow

Automated Workflow of the Entered Data

Once data is entered into an eForm, it can be automatically processed by a number of different methods.

  • Simply route documents and data to other applications, databases, folders, or other destinations. The eForms data can be sent, for further processing, directly to other line-of-business applications such as accounting, database, ERP, or HR.
  • The documents and data can be processed by a workflow. A workflow is a collection of separate processing steps that is generally unique to an organization’s unique requirements. Workflows may contain conditional tests, notifications, approvals, document conversions, event timing, escalation of approval permissions, signatures and much more.
  • The collected data is also used to auto-populate a related suite of forms or documents. This might be a simple document set or an automatically assembled package of documents based upon conditional tests of the data. In addition, data can be written into barcode format onto any eForm or document.

Powered by DocRecord, Prism's All-Inclusive ECM

Prism eForm Designer is part of DocRecord's all-inclusive capabilities. DocRecord users can build a wide range of eForms to collect data from both mobile and desktop platforms.

DocRecord users can experience all the features of eForm Designer including:

  • eSignatures
  • Workflow and routing
  • Automated form completion
  • eForm and data archiving
  • And many more
Prism eForms Workflow

Secure Repository

Prism eForms provides keyword-searchable, secure, and advanced-featured archive for all collected data, eForms, and created documents. Users can access this archive from either a user's desktop or through a mobile client.

Easily Create eForm Packets

Enter key data, such as a patient or student ID, and perform data look-up from a database and auto-populate a packet of forms or documents. This saves time and eliminates data entry errors.

Proof of Delivery

Provide easy proof of delivery of services and goods with mobile eForms with finger signature ability. Create workflow that sends notifications to others, mates the delivery receipt with other documents, and files the document into its own archive system.

Key Features

  • Easy to publish and deploy eForms
  • Easily publish eForms to web pages
  • eForms usable by mobile devices
  • Automated workflow and routing of eForm data
  • Send eForm data to other apps
  • Automated creation of eForm packets from data
  • Advanced User Library
  • Automated document generation
  • Secure repository for completed eForms, data and documents

Key Benefits

  • Allows instant data collection from anyone, anywhere
  • Automatically route data into workflows & other documents
  • Eliminate manual document processing
  • Substantially reduce costs
  • Significantly improve document and data processing
  • Instant access to eForms library
  • Eliminate paper forms costs, inventorying & processing
  • Eliminate forms scanning
  • Provide automatic event notification to others