Prism Capture TM

Advanced Data Capture with Workflow

Automatically and intelligently extract data from scanned and electronic documents.

Automatically process extracted and documents with integrated workflow.

Powerful Capture Capabilities

Many organizations manually enter data from paper and electronic documents into their accounting, ERP, and other applications.
Prism Capture replaces this manual data entry process by automatically extracting and entering this data for them. It’s most commonly used for sales orders, invoices, statements, HR documents, and A/R records.

How Prism Capture Works

  • Receive & Identify

    Prism Capture receives single or batched documents from many sources including scanner, MFP, fax, email, print stream, network or desktop. It then automatically identifies each document type and extracts the data you want.

  • Recognition

    Prism Capture can automatically recognize the document and extract its data by different methods: automatically through a “Smart Template” look-up of keyword and values, “Standard Template,” or a combination of both.

  • Automatic Database Lookup

    Once data is extracted, through either of the two methods, it can then be automatically compared to database information to check for accuracy and consistencies. Any data that is questionable will be highlighted for the user to check and then correct, if necessary.

  • Integrated Workflow

    Prism Capture includes two fully-integrated workflow capabilities that replace manual document processing: Preprocessing of documents and post-processing of extracted data and documents.

Prism Capture is Different

Prism Capture is a low cost server-based application that automates document processing. Prism Capture features a powerful workflow capability that enables automated processing of the extracted data and documents.

  • Integrated workflow
  • Lower cost
  • Much easier to set up and user
  • Two data extraction methods: "Smart Template" & Standard Template
  • Easy to "train" for template modifications
  • Also works with Prism WorkPath's desktop workflow & document processing automation
  • Can be quickly configured to a third-party line-of-business application
prism capture ocr
prism capture extracted data reviewer

Easily Review & Validate Captured Data

All extracted data needs to be validated and, when necessary, corrected. Prism Capture makes data correction and validation easy by having prebuilt rules that examine and correct the data. These prebuilt rules eliminate the need for users to build their own data validation and correction rules. This allows users to become quickly productive with their data extraction requirements.

Click Indexing

For users of Prism Capture, it’s important to quickly and efficiently edit unrecognized or incorrect extracted data from a document. Click Indexing allows the user to easily edit this data by simply selecting the metadata field that needs to be modified and then move the mouse over it.

The corrected document values will automatically highlight as the mouse moves over the document’s various values. When the correct value is highlighted, the user simply ‘clicks’ on that value which will enable it to be automatically filled into the selected metadata field. This eliminates having to type in the missing data.

Prism Capture Click Index

Smart Templates

Smart Templates allow document information (metadata) to be automatically and dynamically recognized and extracted based on known text triggers - such as the words “Total” or “Customer” - or on data patterns within a given document type such as an invoice or check. This automatic recognition eliminates the need to create numerous zonal-based templates for these documents. Several Smart and Standard Templates for common document types are shipped with the product and allow users to quickly get.

Integrated Workflow

Prism Capture includes two fully-integrated workflow capabilities that replace manual document processing: Preprocessing of documents and post-processing of extracted data and documents.

The first workflow capability for document preprocessing allows users to quickly and easily build automated processes for such items as document conversion, color, page insertion and extraction, cropping, deskewing, and many more.

The second workflow capability is for post-processing of extracted data and documents and allows users to create automated processes for document approval, eSignatures, modifying, escalation, and much more.

Integrated with SharePoint

Prism Capture is also used as a document processing application for SharePoint. Users can simply have the extracted data from their documents be used as metadata for SharePoint, and have Prism WorkPath automatically send both this extracted metadata and document to be filed automatically into SharePoint. Prism WorkPath allows for automatic folder selection with SharePoint.

Integrated with DocRecord

The full-featured Prism Capture version of DocRecord can be easily and quickly updated, at a low cost, to the open-output version of Prism Capture presented in this literature. The open-output Prism Capture version includes output to SharePoint, line-of-business applications, file folders, databases, DocRecord, and file output (document, document and data file pair, and data only including XML, Excel, and CSV).

Capture Any Type of Document

Prism Capture can automatically process all types of scanned documents, including medical claims, sales orders, A/P or A/R document automation, new hire onboarding, forms & electronic data submissions, and many more.