WorkPath TM

Automated & Advanced Desktop Document Processing

Prism WorkPath provides a significant improvement to traditional desktop document processing applications
by enabling the easy creation of automated document processes that can be used at both the desk and MFP.

Replace Manual Document Processing with Automated Processing

Traditional document processing at the desktop requires a lot of repetitive manual activities. Prism WorkPath automates these repetitive tasks and eliminates this manual processing. Automating these tasks saves a lot of time and money.

WorkPath is a low cost application that enables easy and quick desktop processing of documents by enabling complex tasks to be done automatically. Users are able to easily and intuitively create their own custom workflows at their desktop.

Examples of documents that are frequently processed at the desktop:

  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Student and Health Records
  • Applications & HR Documents
Prism WorkPath interface desktop monitor
WorkPath automated process

Building Automated Processes is Easy

It’s easy to build customized automated processes. Prism WorkPath provides an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows you to assemble together different processing tasks. Snap together as many of these tasks as you’d like to create an efficient and automated customized process.

Once you’ve created your automated process you can access it from either Prism WorkPath or, when used with Prism ScanPath, publish it to the MFP.

  • From within Prism WorkPath, you can simply drag a document to your automated process and it will do all the processing for you.
  • From the MFP, you can quickly scan a document directly to the WorkPath process, selected from the MFP User Panel, and the scanned document will be sent directly to your Prism WorkPath desktop where it can be automatically processed.

Full Range of Powerful Document Processing Features & Automation Tasks

  • Import documents
  • Convert Documents to Word, Excel, PDF Searchable, PDF/A, PDF Image, TIFF and JPEG
  • Document mark-up and adjustments, including annotation, rotation, adding pages, and many more
  • PDF Security and encryption
  • Auto-redaction of entire document
  • Read and write data to any ODBC Database
  • Bates stamping for legal documents
  • OCR (optical character recognition) of full text, regional text, and barcodes
  • Email documents via Outlook (attach to Outlook email)
  • Add, remove, and reorder pages in a document
  • Drag-and-drop page editing
  • Easily combine multiple documents and many more
female worker at desktop
business employees working together

Share Your Automated Processes with Others

Your automated processes can easily be shared with other Prism WorkPath users who may also need to use them. Simply share your custom processes from Prism WorkPath or allow others to use them at the MFP User Panel. These processes can also be used at the MFPs when Prism WorkPath is used in conjunction with Prism ScanPath. This allows for standardization of document processing within a department or organization which eliminates processing errors.

Additional Features

Send Documents to SharePoint Folders

With Prism WorkPath you can automatically or manually send your documents to specific SharePoint folders. These folders can be conditionally selected based on the rules that you set or the metadata that you add to the document.

Send Documents Automatically to Web Repositories

Prism WorkPath also allows documents to be sent either automatically or manually to web repositories such as: Box Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Picasa & Evernote.

Scan Documents Directly to Your Desktop

You can easily scan documents from the MFP directly to Prism WorkPath. This direct scanning capability saves time by eliminating the need of scanning to a common folder, retrieving that scanned document, and then importing it into a desktop application.

Check Documents In & Out of DocRecord

Documents within DocRecord, Prism’s electronic document & content management application, can be directly checked-out with Prism WorkPath where they can be modified. Once completed, the new version can be checked-in to DocRecord for secure archiving.

Works with ScanPath or as a Stand-Alone Application

Prism WorkPath can work as either a stand-alone desktop application or work together with ScanPath. ScanPath is used for capturing, routing, converting, and processing scanned documents at the MFP. It provides advanced scanning functions for MFPs.

Fully Integrated Data Extraction

Prism WorkPath's fully integrated Advanced Data Extraction module processes single or batched documents from many sources and then automatically identifies each document type and extracts the data you want.

Key Features

  • Import single or batched documents from many sources
  • Convert documents to Word, Excel, PDF Searchable, PDF/A, PDF Image, TIFF & JPEG
  • Securely view audit records through either a desktop client or browser-based client
  • Send documents to web repositories and SharePoint
  • Share documents directly from your desktop
  • Securely archive documents with check-in/check-out to DocRecord

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate manual document processing
  • Significantly speed processing time
  • Eliminate document processing errors
  • Save document processing labor
  • Standardize document processing within a department