ScanPath TM

Advanced Scanning Capabilities for MFPs & Scanners

Advanced Scanning Capabilities

  • User panel integrated with leading MFPs
  • Convert to PDF & PDF/A with full-text searchable OCR
  • Convert Documents to Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Scan-to-Folders
  • Integrates with Microsoft Exchange
  • Scan-to-SharePoint
  • Image clean up
  • Individual MFP profiles
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Integrated with Prism WorkPath
  • OCR for over 25 languages
  • Localized interface in multple languages
  • Scan to web repositories
multifunction printer
scanpath versus scanpath express comparison chart

Scan Directly to DocRecord Folders

ScanPath is able to scan into DocRecord, Prism’s all-inclusive, low cost electronic content management system. Users scan to a dedicated watch-folder where DocRecord picks up the document and automatically extracts line-item data and then names, routes, indexes and files it. This is ideal for organizations that bulk scan documents and require their automated data extraction and filing.

Key Features

  • Easily convert and process scanned documents
  • Convert to editable Word, Excel, PDFs & more
  • Scan to network folders
  • Send documents to web repositories and SharePoint
  • Scan-to-Me & Scan-to-Me
  • Integrated with Prism WorkPath and many more

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate manual document processing
  • Significantly speed processing time
  • Eliminate document processing errors
  • Save document processing labor
  • Standardize document processing within a department

Scan-to-Barcode Cover Sheet

A barcode cover sheet is ideal for documents that cannot be OCRed directly, due to quality or being handwritten. It is also ideal when working with multi-page documents that are being batch scanned. A barcode cover sheet enables ScanPath to easily work with non-integrated MFPs and all stand-alone scanners. The barcode cover sheet application is a browser-based application that allows for easy cover page configuration and printing.

Integrated Bates Stamping

Scan directly to predefined Bates stamping profiles from the user panel of the MFP. Bates stamping profiles include document serialization, naming, dates and much more. ScanPath automatically adds these identifiers to scanned documents and then stores these documents into DocRecord.

FollowPrint & Secure Release

FollowPrint allows a user to securely release a print job from either the MFP user panel or from any browser-enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet, or computer. This provides security and convenience to unlimited users.


Custom document workflow processes can be created and published to the MFP panel. These automatic processes eliminate manual document processing. Examples of workflows include:

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Human Resources


ScanPath’s FastLink™ enables custom links (dedicated scan-to buttons) to third-party applications that are designed and published to the MFP user panel. Within these custom scan-to buttons, data fields and database-driven fields can also be created for User selection. This allows ScanPath to interact with virtually any third-party application that can ingest a data file.